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Delivery & Shipping

Your first issue can take up to 6 weeks to arrive after the initial order (depending on how close the date of order is to the next issue's mailing date), although it is often sooner than this. Subsequent issue delivery times vary depending on your location and the magazine you have subscribed to. For UK subscribers we strive to deliver all monthly magazines on or before the publication date and weekly magazines on the publication date.


Overseas subscribers will receive their copies dependent on shipping method and location - please contact customer services for details specific to your subscription.

Please note that sometimes, due to logistics out of our control, we cannot guarantee you will receive your magazine when we expect. In this instance we will always endeavour to get your copy to you as soon as possible and if for some reason the copy cannot be delivered, we will arrange a refund for the cost of that issue or extend your subscription by a copy.

Q.   My order comes with an introductory gift - when will the gift arrive?
A.   Gifts typically take up to 35 days to be delivered, and can sometimes arrive before the delivery of your first issue.